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Therapy App

UX & UI Design / Native App Design
April 2020 - May 2020

(Tools: Sketch / Balsamiq / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe InDesign / InVision / Flowmapp / Flinto)


ARAAM is an online counseling app.
It has iOS and Android versions.
It is tool that connects Farsi speaking users from all over the world
with licensed Farsi speaking counselors, who have the necessary
professional credentials to help resolve their mental health problems
and to build a solution that is at once useful and usable
by employing an iterative, user-centered methodology.

(*ARAAM is a Persian word & it means: calm)

Purpose & Context 

In the past years, I have been observing the Iranian community and talking to many of Iranians, living inside or outside the country about mental health problems. It could be said, that among these communities, mental health problems are not considered as serious and therapy, as a tool that helps people with their problems is not yet fully introduced. It has come to my consideration, that many of Iranian people, who suffer from mental health disorders do not have the time, access or funds to see a local licensed psychologist. Moreover sometimes, due to the social and cultural circumstances, people don’t feel comfortable with visiting a counselor in person. Many of them who have migrated already find it difficult to find Farsi speaking counselors in their host countries, who can help them with their problems.

I have been thinking of e-counseling as solution, that can solve this issue in a more convenient way. As I have been checking out the international market, I realized that they are several therapy apps available for download and at a low cost to boot, such as: BetteHelp, Talkspace, RTRIBE, 7 Cups, Wysa and Appvice. But there is only one app as such, which offers the same service to Farsi speaking people: mashverApp. It seems that this app doesn’t target thousands of Farsi speaking people, who have immigrated and don’t live intheir birth country anymore.

My role in the project was to develope the whole application from research to ideation and to implementation.

Target Audience

Farsi and English speaking users with Persian background
and Persian users with immigration background.


Key Features


Help you get matched with
the therapist who suits your needs.
Allow you to choose from
wide variety of therpists.


No Appointment required!
Send text, audio & video messages to the therapist from anywhere at any time.
Schedule a call (live session) with your therapist.
Get reminders about your upcoming live sessions
with your therapist.


Get information about your therapist.
Change your therapist whenever you want.
Rate and review your therapist.

Mobile Platforms: iOS & Android

The UI was designed for both iOS and Android by carefully considering
the styles of the elements and the differences of the two mobile platforms.
I followed the directives and rules of iOS Human Interface Guidelines and Material Design.


   ︎ iOS Prototype ︎   
   ︎ Android Prototype ︎   


2. Mid-Fid Wireframes

iOS Examples

Android Examples

3. High-Fid Wireframes

iOS Examples

Android Examples

4. Prototypes

I built two prototypes for the iOS and Android versions.They went through a user testing phase, in which I collected feedback in order to improve my final designs.

   ︎ iOS Prototype ︎   
   ︎ Android Prototype ︎   

5. Final Screens

The UI was designed for both iOS and Android by carefully considering the style of the elements and
the differences of the two mobile platforms For this, I followed the guidelines of iOS Human Interface Guidelines and Material Design